PICO-8 is a small “fantasy” console created by “zep” at Lexaloffle. Limited to 16 colours, a few kilobytes of RAM, and basic directional controls with two buttons. It’s a challenge to make games within these limitations, but it’s charming and fun when it comes together. Click here to get it!

Here are some carts as an example. Click on them to play within your browser!

  • DVD Logo

    The DVD logo! Use buttons to flip move direction and arrows to move manually.

  • Golden Axe Warrior Demo

    A tiny demo of something I made to look like the Sega Master System game, Golden Axe Warrior.

  • Hello World

    A basic, “hello world”-style cart. Not made by me, it comes included with the program. Just here to test the player.

Pssst: you can save the cart images and load them into your own copy of PICO-8! Just save them to your computer, browse to them in PICO-8 and type, for example, LOAD HELLOWORLD.P8.PNG … and then type RUN and hit Enter!